Contribute a story

The Principles of Authentic Participation are guidelines and best practices for participating in open source communities. However, it is just a loose framework. What gives these Principles a life is the stories we tell about them.

What does this mean? Stories are examples of how the Principles of Authentic Participation play out and apply to the real world. We encourage people who have stories, retrospectives, and learnings they can share publicly to do so here.

Submit a story

There are two ways to submit a story and get it published here:

  1. Open an issue to share your story and a maintainer can commit it on your behalf

  2. Open a pull request to add your story directly to the site

Open an issue

Fill out the Principle Story template to share your story with us. Using this template makes it easier for a maintainer to review your contribution. Please use it!

Open a pull request

Alternatively, if you are comfortable with git, you can add your story directly to the website through a pull request.

git clone
cd authentic-participation/docs/advocate-kit/
# open in your preferred text editor

Consider using this basic template for adding a new story:

Coming soon!